Our origins

NiceFruit project took 10 full years of intense investigation and intense resources to succeed.

NICEFRUIT has develope an exclusive and natural process (100% physic and no chemicals involved whatsoever), applicable to fresh fruit that keeps all the celular structure unchanged of the fruit once is frozen, and when it is being defrosted, the fruit keeps all the vitamins, flavour, and original texture for the first time ever and opposite to the traditional frozen systems that everyone else is using. That means that for the first time ever, you can defrost fruit and enjoy it like if it was just picked up from the tree. It seems impossible, but with NiceFruit is a reality.

In addition to that, this worldwide exclusive patented technology allows to NICEFRUIT to pick up the fruit at the optimus point of ripeness (which provides a greater taste and more colour). This is the opposite of what it happens everyday today, where the fresh fruit is picked up earlier almost unripe or green to be matured along the transport cycle until it arrives to the stores and to the final consumers, too mature or too green or with almost no taste.. With NICEFRUIT we freeze the fruit at 90% of ripeness, so the taste, flavour and fragance is superior to the average fruit you can find anywhere.

Our technology allow us to keep the fresh fruit for a maximum of 3 years in perfect conditions (all the flavour all the vitamins, all the texture), like if you had picked up today from the tree. Therefore it allows to the most remoted areas in the world to enjoy fruit all the year around, and on top of that, the fruit is already peeled, cut and cleaned, ready to eat or be used inmediately.

We are in front of a Revolution like never seen before, a Revolution Full of Life thanks to NICEFRUIT.



Eight universities around the world signed a letter which stated that it is impossible to freeze fruit without breaking the cell structure and, when defrosting, it is still like fresh fruit.


A research project between the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya and Fenoxit discovered a suitable process of freezing and defrosting fruit without any additives, preservatives or chemicals.



Nice Fruit achieved to lead the project to an industrial level and obtained the exclusive worldwide technology patent for 20 years.


In Juny Nice Fruit opens new factory facility in Castellbisbal.



NICE FRUIT agrees with the world leader in pineapple Del Monte Pacific Limited to build the second Nice Fruit plant in Philippines. Works begin in the first quarter, and the plant will become the pineapple worlwide supply center of Nice Fruit.

NICE FRUIT also obtains the US patent.


NICE FRUIT signs a Joint Venture with Agroworld SAC, one of the most solid Peruvian groups with extensive experience in this sector, and the construction of the third world plant of NICE FRUIT, the first one in Peru, is mainly focused on local fruits: mango, strawberry and avocado.



In the Philippines, the NICE FRUIT plant is about to be ready in order to enter into activity in the second quarter of 2017. This plant will have a production capacity of 1.5 tonnes of pineapple per hour) in order to provide this product to Europe and to the rest of the world.

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