Nice Fruit treats fresh fruit with a 100% physical process which allows fruit to be frozen without breaking its cellular structure and maintaining all its vitamins, flavor and texture. Once thawed, the fruits’ taste and structure is that of fresh picked. It seems impossible, but it is a reality.

Furthermore, this technology allows us to pick our fruit at its optimal maturity point (which gives us excellent quality fruit), something impossible to achieve nowadays with fresh fruit, since it has to be picked up at a much lower maturity level in order to withstand the supply chain without spoiling.

The Nice Fruit process allows us to maintain the fruit up to three years such that, once thawed, it’s as good and juicy as if it had just been picked up from the tree.

We are truly seeing a revolution in the food world.



The key of the Nice Fruit process is that it is a physical process, in other words, nothing is added to the fruit, certifying that the Nice Fruit thawed product is as fresh and retains the properties of the original fruit.

A 100% physical process, which keeps in the fruit ALL THE:

  • Vitamins

  • Taste

  • Texture

  • Structure

It has to be taken into consideration that innovative projects, by nature, have to confront various obstacles. It was therefore necessary to be relisience and be able to convince ourselves and persuade others that these obstacles could be identified, isolated and overcome to be successful.

This is why constant analysis and perseverance are vital. The entrepreneur, by nature, is like a runner and this project has overcome all obstacles and is finally a reality



Nice Fruit works with only the best brands and producers of fruit and vegetables. In this way we can guarantee a consistency of quality never before seen in the market.

 Optimal Ripeness 

By selecting the best pieces of fruit at optimal ripeness we achieve the highest quality and flavor: a product with more sugars, vitamins and nutrients than fresh fruit itself. The result will remind you of just picked, fresh fruit.

Quality Certification

Food security is a fundamental pillar in Nice Fruit. So our quality management and food security is the criteria established by the highest international standards for this purpose such as IFS, BRC and FSSCC 22000 and we work on continuous improvement of its effectiveness.


  • Fruit and vegetables produced locally will reach any country in the world at any time of the year.

  • The price of fruit will become stable with the ability to freeze the excess product when prices are low, or reserve the fruit for industrial purposes.

  • With Nice Fruit the flavor is better because fruit is picked at optimal maturity, not before.

  • In addition the fruit is pealed and cut saving transportation cost as well as fuel. The only part of the fruit we transport is the one we consume.

  • Frozen fruit is a new way of eating fruit: defrosted and ready to eat. New consumer habits will be created.


We serve major hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, airlines and manufacturers (Food Service) and work with a global network of exclusive distributors by country.

In the future, we plan to also position ourselves in the retail market, reaching the consumer directly.

Our main goal is to develop a product of real value for our clients.

We make fresh fruit reach places it has never been before. And thanks to our system professionals in the food sector optimize time and consumption.

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